First-Time Buyer's Guide: Credit Checks, Rate Shopping, and Hyundai of Keene's Online Application

You did it! You've just entered the car-buying world and have decided to apply for auto financing at Hyundai of Keene (also known as a credit check or credit inquiry) to see what type of auto loan in NH you may qualify for. But you have some reservations. Are you unsure of how applying will affect your credit score and by how much? Has someone told you that a credit check can negatively affect…
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Think Blue Link

Learn all you need to know about Hyundai’s game-changing infotainment system. Since its initial debut in the 2012 Sonata, Blue Link is now offered in nearly every new Hyundai vehicle in Keene, NH and is sure to impress nonbelievers. Now on its second generation, Hyundai made a few updates for a more convenient and practical experience, with the Genesis being the most feature rich. You can use most of Blue Links features without a…
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