First-Time Buyer's Guide: Credit Checks, Rate Shopping, and Hyundai of Keene's Online Application

You did it! You've just entered the car-buying world and have decided to apply for auto financing at Hyundai of Keene (also known as a credit check or credit inquiry) to see what type of auto loan in NH you may qualify for. But you have some reservations. Are you unsure of how applying will affect your credit score and by how much? Has someone told you that a credit check can negatively affect your credit score? How much information do you need to apply? How secure is it to send your personal information over the internet? What happens after I am approved at Hyundai of Keene's auto finance center? There are so many questions and it makes the whole process seem so much more daunting than it really is. Here are some answers to the frequently asked auto financing questions and some suggestions from online finance gurus as well as some additional information about Hyundai of Keene's online finance application.

Credit inquiries and shopping around for rates:

It's important to note that FICO scores are affected differently by a credit inquiry depending on where they fall on the score range (anywhere from 0 to 850). The higher your score, the better interest rates and incentives you will be eligible for, although this is not always the case. On average, each credit inquiry only takes away 1 to 5 points from your FICO score. The length of time you spend rate shopping, however, is something to consider. Your credit approval is generally valid for about 30 days, once that expires you must apply again so over time the small inquiries to your credit can add up. It is important to apply for financing once you have a pretty good idea that you will be ready to purchase within a month or so.

"According to one major credit scoring company, any inquiries that took place in the 30 days prior to that scoring will not affect your credit score. So it's a good idea to do your loan shopping in a timely manner"

Filling out the application:
  • It's EASY - You just need your basic personal information similar to what you would need to open any account (name, date of birth, address, social security number, employment information, what car you are interested in, etc.)
  • It's CONVENIENT - Filling out Hyundai's straight-forward online application can be completed in as little as five minutes if you already know your personal information.
  • It's SAFE - Our Hyundai of Keene online credit application is fully secured and encrypted to protect your privacy.
  • Upon submission - Hyundai of Keene will process your application for you and then use our extensive relationships with many banks both nationally and locally to secure you the lowest interest rate we can. Next, someone from our finance department will contact you to go over all of your options and help determine what the next step may be.

If you are a first time car buyer the whole process can be intimidating and Hyundai of Keene is here to help with our first time car buyers program. The first time car buyers program is designed to help make the process easy and affordable. Low and flexible rates and terms are available to those who qualify.
We hope this help answer many of your financing concerns but realize that the entire process can be a little overwhelming. Please reach out to anyone on our Hyundai of Keene sales and finance team today for more information.

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